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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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15 Android Games You Should Be Playing - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

I’ve recently been gaming a lot more on my Android tablet. It still holds true that iOS tends to have more polished, quality software than Android but recently that has started to change. Developers have started taking notice that Android devices own a significant portion of the mobile market. This is lucky for those of us who own Android tablets and phones because we are finally starting to see some really enjoyable and well polished games. Here are a few that I have been playing quite a bit.



I love this game! It is hands down the best, most addictive game I have played on a touchscreen device. And that includes a certain game where one flings miffed fowl at architecturally inclined porcine. I have already written a review for this game here on GeekBeat so I won’t go too in-depth but this game just looks great. The touch controls are really intuitive and make for a fun game mechanic. The music and sounds are excellent as well. I still hum the tune from the menu system regularly. It’s also a fairly deep RPG aside from the story which doesn’t really exist. This is just a nice level up and grind fest.


Age of Zombies


This is a seriously fun twin stick shooter with a ridiculous premise and entertaining art. You play as Barry Steakfries, a caricature of your average, everyday, pop-culture badass. The premise is that a mad scientist has released a zombie plague, across time! You being your typical badass self, jump into a time portal to hunt down all the zombies and kill them in spectacular fashion. I have two words for you ZOMBIE T-REX! And that is just the first level. The controls are tight and responsive and the weapons are really fun and varied. The sound in the game is pretty good though repetitive at times but not to the point of irritation. I highly recommend this one for a good action experience.


Castle Warriors


If you’ve ever played games like Galcon or Archipelago then you know what to expect here. Just in 3D. If you’ve never played a game like this the concept is rather simple. You have these towers that act as nodes on a map. You start with a certain number of units in one tower and they will build up in number over time. The goal is to capture all the towers on the map, so you send units to those towers to take and defend them. You will eventually need to take enemy towers to win, so you have to amass a large enough force to overwhelm their number and hold the tower.

The mechanics are super simple but the game can get very challenging as you progress. The 3D aspect works really well and spices up this sub-genre which is traditionally top-down 2D. Not much else to say here other than it’s definitely worth the time you’ll waste playing it.


Stair Dismount


Here is another game with a simple premise and simple mechanics. The object of the game is to push Mr. Dismount, an inanimate ragdoll maquette off of a series of increasingly complex structures while maximizing the number of impacts he makes. It’s a lot of fun to try and beat scores on the leaderboards for different levels and once you’ve made you’ve made yourself king of the hill you always download more level packs. With multiple maquettes and levels being added all the time this game has a lot of replay value.

Dungeon Defenders


This is probably the best looking game you are likely to find in the Market right now. Dungeon Defenders is made with the mobile implementation of the Unreal 3 engine, if you aren’t impressed right now then you should be. The textures and models in this action RPG/Tower Defense mash-up are gorgeous, especially on devices with high-end displays. The colors really pop well on my Samsung Vibrant and I don’t get any sort of stutter or frame rate loss on my HTC Flyer which has a pretty basic graphics processor compared to most current devices.

The game itself is a lot of fun but it’s long form so be ready to sit down and play. If you’ve ever played an RPG and  tower defense game then you can get an idea of what to expect here. You setup a number of different towers to defend entry points into a level from waves of increasingly powerful enemies. As you defeat more and more waves you gain XP and can upgrade your character, weapons and towers. This is an insanely addictive game and for the low, low price of free you really can’t go wrong.


Shadow Era


I was a Dungeons & Dragons nerd when I was in High School so the height of the collectible card game craze kind of passed me by. After playing this game I am starting to wish I had played a few of those as well. As far as I know this game plays similar to a version of Magic: The Gathering  called Duels of the PlanesWalkers. You start with an archetypal hero card like a Mage or an Archer and you are given a free starter deck to play with. You take turns within a session casting different character cards, attack cards, spells, traps, etc until your opponent’s or your character has run out of Hit Points. You earn Experience Points and gold which can be used to buy individual cards from a merchant in order to expand your deck. You can also pay real world funds for crystals (in-game currency) which can be used to buy entire decks or virtual card packs. I love this game! I have been playing it non-stop for about 2 weeks now and it’s got me really hoping that we might see more games like this soon. Do yourself a favor and play this game!

PewPew 2


Pew Pew 2 is the sequel to a twin-stick shooter that is very reminiscent of Geometry Wars. All the art has a glowing, wire-frame style that looks great on almost any display. The gameplay is your standard twin-stick affair where your weapons level up as your score rises. The controls are hyper responsive which is good once the difficulty amps up and this game turns into a bullet hell shooter. Play this!

Zenonia 3 ( + Series)


The Zenonia series have been bestsellers in the Android Market  due to their excellent 16-bit, retro style graphics, expansive RPG setting , and fun gameplay.  This is a Japanese style RPG by way of Korea so it may seem a bit odd at times as there tend to be some localization quirks with the dialogue but that almost makes it better. As for the game itself, if you like RPGs then I certainly recommend this game. It has everything you could want, deep leveling, grinding if you want to, numerous quests, and an oddball story. I would definitely advise playing the other 2 games in the series as they are only $.99 and quite worth it.


Fieldrunners HD


More Tower Defense! Honestly, can you go wrong with a tower defense game? I think not, and this is by far one of the best on any platform. This game did gangbusters on the iOS platform and I’d expect no less on Android. The gameplay is fast-paced, fun, and entertaining and it will keep you playing for hours. Do it!


Vector Runner


This a game where you must dodge objects in your path and pick up little dots worth points in relation to their color, all while picking up speed every second. The obstacles pop into frame just a bit ahead of you and the track begins to get populated very quickly. This can make for some really tense sessions once you really start to pick up speed. The game even has leaderboards and Twitter/Facebook integration for bragging about your score. This is a nice time-killer while you’re waiting for something.


Samurai II: Vengeance


I’m thoroughly impressed by this game. It ‘s a deep action experience with a slick cell-shaded art style that looks like a mash-up of eastern and western comic book styles. It’s basically a hack and slasher set in feudal Japan. You play a Samurai who travels the world righting wrongs and killing the bad guys that need killing. This game hits all the right notes from the awesome art to the flourished animations your character does when you slice a guy up. And you do indeed slice up some fools, you will regularly see a limb fly off or possibly a split apart torso. So parents, you may want to play first to make your own judgments. But make no mistake this game is fun and looks amazing.

TurboFly 3D


TurboFly 3D is essentially a clone of the WipeOut games for Android. It’s a combat racer where you pilot different hovering vehicles around a track, pick up power-ups and weapons and try to demote the other racers along the way. The sense of speed in the game is spot on and the tilt to steer controls are perfect. If you want a fun racer to play when you’re killing time  you should definitely check this out.


Star Blitz


This game is a twin-stick shooter with RPG elements like leveling and managed upgrades. It plays quite similar to the game below, Eternity Warriors, but that makes sense as they both come from developer Glu Mobile. They have quite a few games that run on the same basic engine but most of them have their own specific nuances. This game is very much worth the asking price for nothing , it looks great, plays great and earning points to upgrade your ship can be super addicting.

Eternity Warriors


This is a fantasy-themed hack/slash where you fight waves and waves and waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. As you kill enemies you earn XP and soul points which can later be converted to an in-game gold currency for purchasing weapon upgrades. The 3D graphics in this game are nice and vibrant, the animations can be choppy at times on my HTC Flyer but on more powerful tablets or phones they may be just fine. This game is tons of fun.

Arcade by Kongregate


This isn’t so much of a game as it is a portal for a whole slew of games. I mean there are literally 46, 370 here! This is essentially a web app front-end for their website which houses a plethora of flash-style mini-games. Not much to say here other than you should check it out. It’s always fun to try out a new game on their service. Best of all they have stat tracking and achievements! Gotta love those ‘chievos!


It’s nice to see the Android platform finally getting some gaming love. I hope to see more awesome games in the future. Also, I really want to hear what you guys think about these titles. Post a comment and tell if you liked these games or not and definitely let me know if you have others that you think I should cover!

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