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This 8-Bit Life | September 30, 2016

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5 Android Games you Should Be Playing - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Air Attack HD


This has been a pretty serious addiction for me over the past week. I have a soft spot in my heart for arcade-style, top-down shooters. I cannot even begin to fathom the number of quarters that I pumped into games like 1942. It definitely looks like the creators of Air Attack HD had that same game in mind when designing this too! I really love the art style. Gameplay is pretty simple; you simply slide your finger around the screen to navigate your plane around a scrolling lane, avoid taking fire as much as possible and, shoot down enemies. Firing is handled for you like most touch based shooters of this ilk but, you also have the option of dropping bombs, collecting cash to upgrade your weapons, and you have alternate fire modes. Oh and did I mention that one of the planes you can pilot has a FRIGGIN FLAMETHROWER!? Best of all, it’s free in the market right now!

FREE (for part 1)




This is a nice, fast-paced, defense game. You defend your castle from invading (and bizarre looking) waves of ever increasing enemies with your trusty bow and by casting magic spells. Like most games nowadays it has a skill tree mechanic that you can access after a round is over. You can upgrade things like the rate of fire of your bow, its attack strength or your spells. It’s all pretty simple really. It’s also a lot of fun and, with such an off-beat, vibrant art style it’s definitely easy on the eyes as well.



Greed Corp


This has been one of my favorite indie titles to play on my Xbox so when I saw that it came to Android I had to give it a shot. Greed Corp. is a turn-based strategy game with a heavy emphasis on resource management. You start each round with a small number of “walker” units. These walkers can be moved to any adjacent hexagon once and when they are placed there you are given control of that space. Once you have acquired a few spaces you can build harvesters on your spaces that will mine their surrounding spaces for resources at the start of every turn. The height of the spaces determines how much in resources you can obtain from them. So if you have a space that is of level 3 height, then you can milk that space for 3 turns. If it’s only 2 levels high then you only get two turns worth of resource. Each time you claim resources from a space it drops a level and shows worsening signs of cracking until eventually it crumbles away. Once you’ve obtained enough resources you can start building more walkers to claim more of the map, build guns to attack enemies from afar and, build troop carriers to move your walkers across chasms. The rules are quite a bit deeper than my over-simplification here but, they are really easy to follow after a round or two. The ultimate object, of course, is to eliminate all the other players on the map. Believe me; this game can suck you in for hours. It has a really awesome, cartoony, steampunk style to it and, much to my appreciation has lost nothing from its console/PC based big brother.



Reckless Racing


Reckless is a top-down racer that could not control any simpler. You have three on-screen buttons that either steer you left, right or, brake. That’s it. It has a goofy pseudo-country soundtrack and takes the aesthetic of backwoods, hillbilly races. You can choose from six different racers/cars and compete against the computer or other people online. I’ve had a lot of fun with this title, the 3D graphics look really good, the controls are nice and tight and, the racing is just a blast. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes arcade-style racers and wants something that they can play while they’re killing time.





This is far and away one of the best looking Android games that I have seen in a long time. ShadowGun is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter that utilizes the ever extensible Unreal Engine. If you own a tablet or a fairly powerful Android phone the please, stop reading this now and go download this game. The screenshots don’t do it justice but, I can blather on about the graphics all night long, let’s talk about controls. Overall, the game handles pretty well. The virtual thumbstick for movement is pretty responsive as well as the buttons, everything on the HUD is re-positionable and, you control your turning and aim by moving your right thumb around the screen. Anyone who has played a shooter on a touch-screen device should be familiar with this style of control. Sadly there is nothing particularly innovative about this but; I can forgive it because the game is so fun. The story… well, what story really? If there is some sort of continuous narrative in this game then I have yet to grasp it. It does make an attempt at giving you context and setting but, honestly this is just another shooter. The only difference is that it’s on your mobile device, it plays well and, it looks amazing. I definitely recommend giving it a shot.



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