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This 8-Bit Life | September 27, 2016

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64-Bit OS written entirely in Assembly! - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Return Infinity, a self-described computer software and research group from Ontario has just released the latest version of their BareMetal OS. This is an Operating System written entirely in x86 Assembly code! It’s really quite impressive as the entire OS, bootloader and all, is only 16384 bytes. Being this small it utilizes very, very little in the way of system resources and draws a miniscule amount of power when the system is idle. In the video posted below on of the team members who worked on the OS gives an excellent demonstration and shows off it’s power a bit by counting the Primes between 1 and 300,000 in about 64 seconds using only one process. They intend for the OS to be used for heavy computation on high-powered systems. They would benefit by consuming less power and gain more access to system resources due to less overhead than most other OSes. I highly recommend you check out their site and the video below.

BareMetal OS [Return Infinity]


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