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This 8-Bit Life | September 26, 2016

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A Maker Who is Making a Difference - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Father of the Decade [Jorge] has a son named Ivo. Ivo was born with spastic quadripalegia, meaning his skeletal muscles were so taught that it had become very difficult for Ivo to walk. According to Ivo’s doctors it would eventually become impossible to do so, even with the help of muscle relaxers or Botox. Lucky for him he has a father who was willing to take a very active role in his treatment. 

Jorge set to work building a tripod frame that would provide his son with enough support to stand while taking part in activities like playing ping-pong and golf. This tripod allowed Ivo to slowly train his skeletal muscles so that he would be able to stand on his own, but walking was still an issue. The next phase of Jorge’s build was a modification of an elliptical exercise machine, his hopes being that this would help Ivo walk under his own power some day. 

As you can see for yourself in the videos below, Jorge’s ingenuity and love for his son prevailed. Ivo is now quite capable of walking. 

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