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This 8-Bit Life | October 1, 2016

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A New Work in Progress - This 8-Bit Life

A New Work in Progress
Leland Flynn


Well… it finally happened. I am playing Magic: The Gathering. In my 28 years I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, even HeroClix, but for some reason I never got sucked in to Magic. I had tons of friends that played but it was just never my thing. So how did this happen? How did I come to this level of nerdosity? ** I assure there is no genuine self-loathing here, I just like the flavor of false bewilderment.


My wife and I moved to our new place almost a year ago and as my luck would have it there is a comic shop right down the road called Madness Comics and Games! I used to be really heavy into comic book collecting; I still read them now but just digitally as collecting had gotten too expensive. So, every time I go in there are just swarms of people playing Magic and I decided that it looked like a lot of fun. So I picked up an intro pack. Lucky for me my wife has a dark past of having actually played the game (she swears she’s not a nerd) so I thought we could play together. We have been playing rounds of this game every night for the past week and a half; and it has been a lot of fun. I love opening a nice new bottle of wine and just playing a game with her. :)


But enough with the sap! On to the neat stuff!

I decided I was going to learn how to use the laser at the Dallas Makerspace this week so of course I needed a project. I decided I would build an ever-popular flew box. That is, a box with a flexible wood hinge and no solid breaks in the wood itself. So I set out to that plane of all things hackable, Thingiverse! I grabbed an SVG file of a flex box that looked roughly like what I wanted, fired up Inkscape, and proceeded to spin my wheels for a few hours learning how to use it. After that battle (Knowing = 1/2) I started working on test cuts with scrap material. After many hours of testing and scaling and testing I came up with the semi-finished product you see in the gallery below. It is by no means finished as I really need to *ahem* actually center the MTG logo.

Also, fun fact! People on Reddit are asking if they can buy some!



  1. madelyn

    Wow, that’s just beautiful! Good job!

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