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This 8-Bit Life | October 1, 2016

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A Proposal for a 28th Amendment - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Yesterday Cenk Uygur, an attorney and host of the web-based political talk show The Young Turks announced the formation of a group called ‘Wolf-Pac’. In Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street protests Uygur explained that the organization was forming with the express intent of occupying each U.S. state and push for them to call a Constitutional Convention and instate a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that would read as follows:

Corporations are not people. They have none of the Constitutional rights of human beings. Corporations are not allowed to give money to any politician, directly or indirectly. No politician can raise over $100 from any person or entity. All elections must be publicly financed. The video below was taped during the OWS protest. It shows Uygur’s announcement of the organization as well as their website where users can go to volunteer their skills to the movement and donate funds.

To explain, what WolfPAC is proposing here is to bypass the Federal Government altogether and organize all states to call a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution. This is also known as an Article V convention, so-called for its derivation of plausibility via Article V of the Constitution itself. It’s worth noting that in the early 1890’s just the notion that an Article V convention would be called due to mounting pressure on the senate was the catalyst that helped pass the 17th Amendment. So there is precedent for a tactic like this working. It is also worth noting that a convention such as this has not occurred in our nation’s history but the threat of it has been sufficient for change.

If it is not clear by now I am not an unbiased third-party. I am in full support of this organization and am as of tonight a volunteer for it. I have real hope that this can work. I have real hope that with a dedicated group of organized, strong willed, critically thinking, and courageous volunteers we can cut out a cancer from our political system. I do not believe that corporations in and of themselves are evil; I do believe that the corporate control of human progress and politics is. If you feel the same way then please do what you can to help, join a local #Occupy protest, or join WolfPAC, or just help relay information to others.

For more information you can visit the following link:

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