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This 8-Bit Life | September 24, 2016

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Android App Review: Battleheart - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Title: Battleheart

Genre: Action RPG

Hardware Requirements: None

Price: $2.99

Battleheart is the kind of game the Android platform ha needed for a while. Or rather, it’s the kind of game that Android needs more of. This game has an intuitive control scheme that stays out of the player’s way and is fun and simple to use. The game itself is fairly standard RPG fare; you start with a Paladin archetype and a Healer archetype. You level these through a battle or two until you can afford to hire another character for your team. You then level your team up, train them, buy them new items and weapons and upgrade those as well as hire more stand-by characters for your team to change out as needed for battles of varying degrees of difficulty. And that in a nutshell, is Battleheart. Simple, fun, and addictive.


You control each character in your party independently of each other. Sadly there is no group selection option here which would be really nice for avoiding explosives. You simply tap, press and drag to direct a given character to a position or enemy to attack. The same goes for healing or buffs. Your characters will not evade enemies or auto-heal each other. Your healer however, will continually cast a heal on whomever you last selected for her. To use a characters’ special abilities you simply tap them which brings up a series of tiles on screen with all of the options available. The interface is very intuitive and flows well. But without a group select it can be hard to control your entire group in a really busy battle. I hope to see an option for this in a future version.

Graphics & Sound:

The art in this game is great; it’s not overwrought or too simplistic. It has a very basic, comic strip sort of feel. It’s almost like you are playing a stylized web comic. The animations are fluid and I’ve never noticed any jittering. The game is nice to look at and there is enough variation in enemy designs that things don’t get too boring. I do think that some environmental animation would be nice but that is a minor request rather than a gripe.

The sound in the game is equally as good. Even on the tinny speakers of my HTC Flyer this game sounds nice. The music in the opening splash screen is crisp and well defined and the sound effects in the game are pleasing to hear as well.


I have nothing but good things to say and a few humble requests regarding this game. I can’t wait to play it later today and I can’t wait for a sequel!


Scan this QR code to go directly to the download page in your browser on your Android device.


  1. Leland Flynn

    Android phone's are actually currently outselling the iPhone so I would argue that while perhaps less fashionable it is certainly more popular from a market standpoint. Have you played the game yet? If so, what did you think?

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