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This 8-Bit Life | September 29, 2016

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Daring Rescue: A Toolkit for Saving the Day! - This 8-Bit Life

Daring Rescue: A Toolkit for Saving the Day!
Leland Flynn

Daring Rescue is a personal project born out of a work assignment to make and end-all, be-all, beat-all toolkit for recovering and repairing computers. I decided that a lot of the work I had done (though not all of it for legal reasons) should be shared with others.


**UPDATE: While I wait for the sourceforge server to propagate I have put up an image of Daring Rescue here:!CEAhCY7Y!M9YWKgodGEv2d6CIJwKW5VVTr5VomfiixGeaVx1IZs0

All tools included are freely available online, I have simply done the work of combining them for you into one maintained image that can be easily copied over to a 16GB thumbdrive. I chose this size because it is relatively inexpensive, provides enough space for all the tools I wanted to include, and leaves a bit of room to grow.

I will be updating the image with new tools, distro releases, and making changes to the bootloaders as I develop the toolkit. I am open to suggestions for tools to include/remove.

You can grab the image from my SourceForge page here and write it to a thumbdrive using the dd command in Linux or an applicable Windows program.

**Remeber that you need at least a 16GB thumbdrive to write this to.

The following is a list of  the tools included in the current image:

####Daring Rescue 20130603v00####

Ubuntu 13.04 (32/64)
Ubuntu Server 12.10 (64)
Linux Mint 15 w/Cinnamon (64)
Damn Small Linux (Minimal Linux OS with GUI)
gPXE (PXE Boot OS images from the Internt and other sources)
Tails Linux (Best Effort Anonymous Live Boot Linux)
Kon-Boot v1.1 (Free version)
DIY Data Recovery Tools
Dell OpenManage (For diagnosing Dell devices)
Kali Linux (Penetration Testing Distro)
Acronis AntiMalware Scanner
Clonezilla (Hard Drive Cloner 32/64)
DBAN (Securely Wipe Disks)
Kaspersky AntiVirus Rescue 10
Super GRUB2
System Rescue CD
OphCrack Vista\XP (Windows password cracker with XP Fast Tables)
Offline NT Password Reset
FreeDOS (Balder)
REMnux (Malware Analysis and reverse engineering)


  1. Great article! I look forward to checking out this image!

    • Leland Flynn

      Thanks! Let me know what you think!

  2. James

    The image at Mega says its temporarily unavailable. Just a heads up!

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