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This 8-Bit Life | September 28, 2016

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E3 Press Conference/Media Round-Up - This 8-Bit Life

E3 Press Conference/Media Round-Up
Leland Flynn

The news has been streaming fast and furious out of E3 this year. Nintendo’s bringing the Blue Bomber (Megaman) to Smash Bros., Microsoft, apparently hates its customers, and Sony seems to have already won the Next-Gen Console War, along with the hearts and minds of many a gamer. Now I could go on spouting opinion (read: fact) and information to you or you can get everything firsthand.

I’ve collected some of the best media that I have consumed over the past 2 days regarding E3 news here so that you don’t have go searching yourself.


Nintendo Direct@E3 2013

Up first is Nintendo who chose to play it safe and do what they do best; release a bunch of excellent first party titles. No huge surprises here other than the reveal of Megaman in the next SSMB game, which sold me a Wii U on the spot.


Microsoft Press Conference

MS surprised everyone earlier with the news that they would be destroying the solid foundation they had built with their previous 2 consoles by making game trading a decision left to the game developer, not y’know, the people that buy their fucking games. That said they did show off some sexy looking games, one of which being a sequel to Killer Instinct theat looks amazing (aside from the free-to-play model BS).


Sony PlayStation Press Conference

Sony had a really strong showing here and I say this as someone who didn’t give a damn about the PS3 unless it came to hacking it. I will be buying a PS4 for certain. They won over a lot of popular opinion with their decision to not use oppressive DRM, force creepy monitoring tech onto the consumer, and generally not giving a fuck about used games one way or another.


That’s about all I have to share for now. I will update this post as I find more interesting mews and tidbits so stay tuned, or refreshed, or whatever.

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