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This 8-Bit Life | October 1, 2016

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"Hacking the Xbox" by Andrew Huang is free! - This 8-Bit Life

“Hacking the Xbox” by Andrew Huang is free!
Leland Flynn

When I was in Iraq one of the ways I liked to spend my spare time (when I had it) time was hacking around on an original Xbox. I did the usual stuff, installed a custom dashboard, a bigger hard drive, modded the firmware on the disc driver, etc. But I really wanted to know more. At the time there was a definitive book on the subject of reverse engineering the XBox written by a hacker named ‘Bunnie’. I ordered the book on Amazon and spent a long time pouring through it. It taught me a lot about how the Xbox functioned but more importantly it taught me a lot about reverse engineering. I still refer to it pretty regularly when tinkering in my lab.

In response to the tragic death of Aaron Swartz, Bunnie has made his book completely free via the No Starch Press website. If you’ve never read it you really should. You can download a copy here and donate to DemandPressGiveWell, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation while you’re there!.


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