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This 8-Bit Life | October 1, 2016

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Homemade Stun Baton - This 8-Bit Life

Homemade Stun Baton
Leland Flynn

Earlier this year a hardware hacker called PodeCoet posted a build log on his site UltraKeet that described how he built a 10kV (yes kilo-volt!) stun baton from scratch. His build log is impressively detailed. The best part however is that it actually gives the reader a basic understanding of the principles at work with this build as well as showing them how to build something super dangerous.

Those are my favorite!

Did I mention that it’s detailed? No I mean seriously, this guy provides schematics, a bill of materials, and an illustrated walkthrough of how to build it and hopefully not induce ventricular fibrillation in the process!

His build is pretty extensive and the final product looks quite good as well. The body is your average hardware store PVC pipe with two end-caps, but it’s whats inside that really matters. It begins with a 5vDC Lithium Ion charging circuit which charges anĀ 18650 Lithium Ion cell. This cell then supplies power to two parallel boost converter circuits that step up the roughly 4v from the cell to about 13v at 700mA. This is then fed to a Royer Oscillator circuit which converts the DC and produces 900v AC. From here the 900v is stepped up to the full 10kV by a 12-stage Villard Cascade (read 24 10nF capacitors) which ends in the spark gap at the business end of the device.

Here’s a block diagram of PodeCoet’s madness.

I love the bit about nipple clams, sounds like good fun!

But enough of my nerding out over this seriously dangerous build, go read the full build log here! While you do that I’ll be in the lab making one myself and hoping I don’t have to go to the hospital!

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