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This 8-Bit Life | September 30, 2016

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Last Breath: A Beautiful and Sad Browser Game - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn


Last Breath is a product of the Indie Game Development challenge, Ludum Dare. The challenge is to create a functional game in 48 hours, presumably to encourage prototyping of interesting game concepts and to enrich gaming overall. The challenge has produced some really interesting games over the years.

For the LD22 (the 22nd iteration of the challenge) game dev [deepnight] created the game Last Breath. The game itself centers around an ordinary dog who, in the opening of the game is struck by a car. Immediately you are shown an animation of the dog falling down a hole and into what looks to be a cave. From here you (the dog) are free to explore for a while until eventually you start getting chased by your shadow which seems to want to do one thing. Kill you. 

The concept of the game is realy high-minded in my opinion. [deepnight] may have just stumbled across the idea while kicking things around but his end product is excellent. The tone and art style are beautiful, and the story element of the dog being trapped between life and death, I assume this all takes place during his ‘Last Breath’, is nothing short of heart breaking. The gameplay is quite solid and fun for something created in 48 hours. I’ve really enjoyed playing the game and I think that you will too.

You can check out the game for free (it runs in the browser) here

To see an interesting time-lapse video of [deepnight’s] development process check out the video below.

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