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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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Legend of Grimrock Devs Implement GUI Change Just to Help One User - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn


I was just browsing through imgur and saw the following image that tells a really heart-warming story. It seems that a user named [HarpoonIPA] on the forums made a post asking if old-school dungeon-crawler style buttons might be included in the game. The responding dev [Petri] made note that they did not have a UI like that currently set up but, made sure to ask his customer why he wanted such an old-school control scheme. [HarpoonIPA] responded noting that he had a disability and stated that he used a mouth stick to control games. The old-school control style made it easier for him to play. So what did [Petri] do? He immediately implemented an entirely new UI option for one, single user. 

This is game development done right. This man listened to his one customer that had a modest request and took it upon himself to make that customer happy. I am truly inspired by this. I wish this company nothing but the best of luck and will be purchasing their game purely based on this story alone. I tried to contact the developers of the game but unfortunately their site is down at the moment. Presumably due to the torrent of attention I am sure it must be getting. If I am able to get in touch with for comments I will update this post.

Read below for the discussion as it took place between the user and the dev.

Click the image to make it larger.


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