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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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My first days with Arduino - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Well I’ve finally started to play more with my Arduino and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I just finished reading and following “Getting Started with Arduino” by Massimo Banzi. The book is very informative without beating you over the head with technical jargon, though I do wish it might have gotten deeper into the meat and potatoes of everything. I segued straight into what could be called its sister book “Getting Started with Processing” by Casey Reas. The coding for Arduino is based on the Processing language and I figured if I’m going to learn to use the Arduino and program for it, i might as well take the full plunge.

Programming has always been a task for me, it never quite comes naturally, but I would suppose that’s because I don’t do it enough. I am hoping that Arduino and Processing will lead me to becoming a better maker/hacker. I of course need to learn my way around Arduino in order to get started on the Near-Space Balloon project we are taking on at the Dallas Makerspace.


So far I’ve made a photo sensing circuit and a messed around with controlling LEDs and getting them to respond to commands. I plan to mess with servos and motors next, methinks a robot is in my future.




**Side Note – I’ve also started playing with the Kinect, FAAST 0.6, and vvvv (a graphic based programming environment). I hope to make some neat interactive art soon and control some games too.

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