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This 8-Bit Life | October 1, 2016

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Old School Game Boy Advance - This 8-Bit Life

Old School Game Boy Advance
Leland Flynn

Michael J. Moffitt has done something that I have been saying I’ll do sine the Game Boy Advance SP came out. He’s stuffed the hardware of the GBA into the case of the perpetually awesome original Game Boy! And the end result is just excellent.



The process wasn’t too bad it seems. He used a 32-pin ribbon cable to extend the cartridge header so he could mount it to the backplate of the case. Then he mounted the LCD and soldered jumpers from the GBA buttons to the original GB’s control board. This proved slightly more difficult as the board appeared to have no common ground. Finally he mounted the battery and the DC jack.


What he ended up with was a great looking handheld that would play all of his Game Boy carts! I think I’m gonna have to search ebay for a broken GB. I couldn’t bare to gut the working one I have.



For more pictures and a detailed look at the build log check out Michael’s website HERE!

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