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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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Portal 2's Wheatley Comes to Life! - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

An unknown person, I’m gonna refer to them as [trpchakai] here, has made a pretty bad ass electronic puppet of Wheatley from Portal 2! In case you haven’t guessed by now I am a bit of a sucker for anything even remotely inspired by the Portal series. When I saw this I actually cried a little tear of joy, which is a hell of a feat considering I had my tear ducts voluntarily removed in the Army. But enough about me! On to the puppet!

From this…

[trpchakai] started with a typical cube of craft foam and carved it into an appropriate starting sphere. She then she covered it with WonderFlex and ApoxieSculpt which was later shaped using a Dremel. After everything cured and the proper shape was attained she cut Wheatley in half and hollowed out his insides. After a bit more WonderFlex and dremeling the rest of Wheatley’s components were finished. From here she fashioned a really great looking eye using an LED and a printed image of the texture used in the game. Once the eye was completed [trpchakai] moved on to the puppeteering apparatus which is made mostly of PVC pipe. This was mounted inside with Wheatley’s eye and eyeplate attached so that they would independently articulate. Finally to tie everything together she loaded 10 clips of Wheatley’s lines from Portal 2 onto a sound board and built a pushbutton control panel with which to unleash his moronic rage.

… to THIS!

I have of course oversimplified the entire process here. If you would like to read her entire detailed build-log you do so on her blog here.

Even better than all of this!? There’s video of Wheatley in action! Check it out below and leave us a comment of what you thought.

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