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This 8-Bit Life | September 26, 2016

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Prepare for a PURGE - This 8-Bit Life

Prepare for a PURGE
Leland Flynn

I was stumbling through all of the nifty campaigns on Kickstarter the other day, as I am often wont to do, when I came across something pretty special. PURGE: Sins of Science is a card game that touts itself as the first ever Real Time Strategy Card Game (RTSCG?). Being a huge fan of the RTS genre since childhood and a recent convert to Magic: The Gathering my interest was immediately piqued. What could they possibly mean? Surely a card game would require turns of some sort. I had to know more, so I dove into all the media they had on the campaign page.

The video above is the promo from game developer Nova Forge Enterprise’s Kickstarter page and gives a good idea of the concept and flavor of the game. I really dig the premise (I mean c’mon, this is total nerd-bait.), and the art is exceptional. Thankfully it is purported to be displayed via large format, landscape cards that aim to give the game a cinematic feel during play. But, what really has me excited for this game are the inventive mechanics. I have never played a card game like what is described in their videos. It certainly seems like it will play as described; a fast-paced, real-time game complete with resource management, tech trees, unit upgrades, and the obligatory super weapons!


If this somehow feels like an advertisement then well, yea I guess it kind of is. I have a horse in this race. I want to see this game get funded so that I can play it. I also want to see it succeed because I want to see this model continue to succeed. Crowdfunding has been making so many amazing little projects possible recently. I hope to see this trend continue so that more people get to see their visions come to fruition and of course, so that we get more neat stuff!

If you’re a board game, RTS, or trading card game fan then you should really check this game out. I can’t wait for it to get funded so that I can review it here! But hurry up, they only need about $500 more as of this writing and they have 7 days to do it. You can do so HERE on their page.

Hook it up folks, I got games to play!


  1. CunningAllusionment

    It bills itself as the first ever “Real Time Strategy Card Game”, but they don’t offer even a vague explanation of what that means in real terms. The “rule book” provided failed to answer any of my questions.

    It’s gorgeous looking, but everything about it screams marketing. I walked away feeling like the game was focus grouped to appeal to video game and card game nerds – that it’s more of a cash grab than a game. Exploiting people’s desire for crowd sourced funding to be a viable model.

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