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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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Q&A with the Developer of RetroBlazer - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

I recently had a chance to do an e-mail Q&A with [Amil Parra] the lead dev on the throwback FPS RetroBlazer. Read on and let us know what you think! I’ve previously reported on the game here.

///The play style of RetroBlazer is decidedly old-school but the design has some very modern flare. Was the intention to make a classic-style shooter that had a slightly modern feel or did the game just evolve that way so to speak?

In terms of the gameplay style I did want to go for a traditional feel but wanted to add a few modern elements in order to freshen up the gameplay. You could say it did evolve in a way to what it is, but the feel became the goal. There is still a lot to be added, but my goal is to add a few fresh things to a classic FPS format.

///The most striking and certainly one of the most interesting things about the game is the color palette. What was the inspiration for the bright, fresh style of RetroBlazer?

Bright colors are something that I always enjoyed. With this game I was going for cartoony stylistic visuals influenced by sprite based platformers first, then applied to the fps format. I wanted to take my love of vibrant visuals and apply it to a genre you don’t often see having a style of that type.

///The game is of course free to download in its alpha build right now from your site. Do you plan to sell the game when it’s completed or will it remain a free game? If you do sell it will you be using online platforms like Steam?

In terms of distribution I belive it is too early to tell at this moment. If possible we do want to lean toward a commercial product, but when the project becomes closer to completion and all options are weighed, we will announce if the game will remain free or not. Platforms similar to Steam are indeed favorable, but I am also curious about porting to mobile platforms if time allows.

///In the menu options we can see that there will eventually be online multiplayer. Will we be seeing standard deathmatch modes? Any other modes? Is there any intent to bring in modern concepts such as load outs?

In terms of Multiplayer, there will certainly be classic deathmatch modes that you often see in classic FPSes, though I want to experiment with a new type of team based mode unique to the game. I have not decided if there is going to be a loadout system, but I’m leaning on keeping it more classic in terms of items.

///What games (or other media) would you all say have influenced you the most?

Games that influenced me the most are games like Megaman, Metroid, Bionic Commando, and many other similar classic 2d platformers. Their colorful Visuals and style and fast paced unique gameplay are what I enjoy the most.

In terms of FPSes, Wolf3d and Quake are my favorites, they are still very fun and solid games. These are the first games that I had access to editors, and I really enjoyed getting to work within there environments.

With my love of both of these types of games my goal is to combine a them all into a game that shares their strongest elements. When the project is complete I plan to illustrate more of this combination, and the game will be much different than the current alpha.

///Is there a projected release date for the final build or will the game simply be finished when it’s finished?

I would like to give a more accurate date, but I simply cant, the best I can say is “some time mid next year” as a personal goal, but as the project develops I will have a more accurate date.

///Do you guys have anything else that you’d like to add?

I do appreciate all the love and support for the game so far! The game is not yet finished, and I do plan on elaborating a good bit more to make it even better. I have been gathering and reviewing all critiques, and really want to make sure people enjoy the game, while fulfling the vision of the project. All I have to say is stay tuned!

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