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This 8-Bit Life | September 30, 2016

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Rawbots Cancels Kickstarter Campaign - This 8-Bit Life

Rawbots Cancels Kickstarter Campaign
Leland Flynn

Unfortunately it looks like the developers of  the robot crafting sandbox game Rawbots are calling it quits on their kickstarter campaign. With just 5 days to go the team has raised just under $27,000 of the $300,000 that they needed to complete all of their development goals. I’m pretty saddened to hear the news as it looks like not all of the features that backers and the team were pushing for will make it to the final product. That said, the dev team does intend to finish Rawbots and release it as a “very polished” single player game.

In an e-mail to backers today the game’s creator Alex Rozgo announced the departure from the crowdfunding scene:

“Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing support you all have shown us by backing us and spreading the word out. We’re extremely thankful for everything you guys have done for us, however; for now seeing that we are still much too far from our goal, we have decided to cancel our Kickstarter project.

So here are our immediate goals for now:

  • Make this game a very polished single player experience.
  • Include a new set of mission tutorials to help understand the basics of Rawbots and hit the ground running with being able to program simple things.
  • We’re going to have pre-built robots that users can find, tweak and simply just use.
  • Create the first milestone in multiplayer experience: 1 on 1 battle arena, where users can bring a robot into battle and test it against their friends in either LAN play or online.
  • We’re going to have an app that is just focused on robot building and programming, which will let players leisurely build and share their robots on the cloud. The idea is to have an entire community of robot fans, creating and sharing their creations and helping each other out. This version will be available for tablets as well. Those that own the game will receive this version for free, for any platform that it is available on.

So there you have it, that is our immediate roadmap for Rawbots. Even though, the kickstarter is canceled right now, those that wish to back us and get access to the game every step of the way, may order the early access version.

Also we’re currently ranked #44 out of 1,257 games on Steam Greenlight, so head on over to Steam and vote for us to help greenlight Rawbots. Once again, we thank you sincerely for all the support and wish you all the very best.”

I certainly wish them the best of luck and I really hope they continue with Linux development of the game.

Be sure to check out the game’s site at and show your support by voting for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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