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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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Renaissance Themed MMOFPS "DaVinci Online" coming to Android Tegra 3 Devices - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

Every day we keep inching excruciatingly closer to the transition from traditional computing systems to tablet devices. Very soon we will start seeing tablets with enough horsepower and decent enough battery life that we will be able to handle most of our business and play pretty hardcore games on them. The case could even be made that we are pretty much already there, but as it stands traditional computers and gaming systems are still well ahead of tablets. With all of the exciting new tech that we’re going to be seeing soon that gap is lessening considerably. An example of this is the promise of slick, console level graphics given by the new Tegra 3 processor.

It is this incredibly handsome and savvy tech blogger’s personal opinion that the tipping point of this transition will be solid, beautiful gaming experiences. Sure business applications and processing power for more practical work will play a part, but this situation is going to be analogous to the HD format wars between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, the porn industry has dictated the dominant format in that arena. I predict that the gaming industry will dictate this transition. We are already seeing serious, hardcore experiences on portable devices, and the hardware is getting there, all we need now are some big name titles to start making the transition.

DaVinci Online is not that. It is an MMOFPS designed for PC by a Korean company called Bridea and is  slated for release in 2012. Why is this important to portable devices you ask? Well Bridea’s VP and Executive Producer Kijong Kang was quoted recently in a press release for Nvidia’s Tegra 3 with the following statement:

“Working with NVIDIA makes the impossible possible. Our Tegra 3 optimized game DaVinci THD will look brilliant when it comes out, with mind-blowing 3D graphics and intuitive touch screen interface. DaVinci THD will leverage Tegra 3 for its multi-threading capabilities, so we can scale across all four CPU cores and deliver the ultimate console-quality performance. As a result, DaVinci THD will be more realistic, interactive and challenging than anything we’ve done before”.

Screenshot from the PC version.

The game itself has a really interesting art style and a pretty unique concept. This is an MMOFPS set in a fictional renaissance era world. The character design is really interesting and pleasing to my eye at least. I’ve played quite a few free-to-play Korean games over the years, Combat Arms and Rusty Hearts being two of my favorites. The quality, fun, and unique style that a lot of Korean games bring to the table can give many high-production value games a run for their money. Judging by the quality of other Unreal Engine 3 based Android games such as Dungeon Defenders, this game looks like it could help push tablet gaming further into the hardcore market. If we keep seeing software like this I may just have to pre-order an ASUS Transformer Prime!

Until the game releases I will be keeping a close eye on it and report back with anything interesting I see. In the mean-time feel free to drool all over this short trailer!


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