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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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RetroBlazer Looks to Update the Classic Run & Gun FPS - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

If you, like me, grew up in the 90’s playing games like Wolfenstein, Doom and/or Quake then you’re no doubt a bit nostalgic for the days of the classic, run n’ gun shooter. I have fond memories of speeding through corridors and blasting pixelated, sprite-based enemies with my brand new shotgun and scrambling for the next health pack to survive the onslaught. That’s right kids, when I was little we didn’t have no high-fallutin’ regenerative healing; you either got yourself some armor shards and a health pack or you bit the bucket. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

In all seriousness though I really think I’ve found something special here. I was clicking through recommended videos on Youtube when all of a sudden my screen was awash with beautiful colors and what looked to be a classic style shooter called RetroBlazer. After watching a few of the videos I visited the website linked to the YouTube account and what luck; they have a preview build up for free! I am not going to be getting much homework done tonight.

RetroBlazer is, as I’ve said before, a shooter done very much in the classic Quake/Doom style. Or perhaps more accurately, RetroBlazer takes that classic style and adds beautiful 32-bit color, awesome chiptune music and, even a bit of new-school flare like per-pixel lighting and a physics engine. It seems to want to take the best of both worlds and mesh them together into what I can attest is a pretty awesome package. The game is based on the DarkPlaces engine and is scripted with the QuakeC language. The developers describe the game as follows on their site:


In the vast labyrinth of ARK Island, once elder now Tyrannical Warlord, Lokahndril, has used the island’s ancient mainframe entity to create his own army of corrupt androids. R-Blazer, the only survivor of the invasion, infiltrates the labyrinth and uses his foe’s own weapons against them!

Battle through the different military installations and vast ruins, all with their own unique enemies, weapons and items. Collect items to power up your abilities to make yourself stronger and more powerful, only then can you put and end to the Warlord’s hunger for power!

Battle through 7 levels of fast paced classic FPS action! Fast dashing and quick trigger projectiles allow you to blast through with rapid pace, all while featuring a nostalgic graphic style in full 32 bit color. Darkplaces engine allows you to play on Mac PC or Linux, and comes pre-bundled.

Check out the video below to see gameplay of the alpha build or visit to download the preview build yourself and give a go. You will not be disappointed. 

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