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This 8-Bit Life | September 25, 2016

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The Annual Steam sale is upon us! - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

For the uninitiated please allow me to explain. What is happening right now, as you read this, is a sale of epic epicness. The bastion of video game savings that is Valve’s online game delivery platform, Steam, is having its annual Holiday Sale! Now many veterans of the service have no doubt spent many a dollar on various, highly discounted games during one of the service’s famous random sales. These are truly bittersweet moments that highlight to many their own nature that teeters precariously between frugal consumerism and wanton (diagnosable) obsessive-compulsive hoarding. What is a gamer to do when confronted  with a bundle pack of 20 games for $10? Buy that shit, that’s what they do!

This though dear reader is no mere sale. Nay, this is a baying, snarling, money-hungry hell-beast of a sale. Valve has pretty much discounted every game that they sell. They have packs of entire publisher catalogs selling for 86% off right now. Take the 2K Games bundle for example, it’s 51 games and/or expansions for $74.99. This includes Borderlands, all the expansions and every other game that 2K sells on Steam! I am about to be broke. We are all doomed but, at least we’ll have a ton of games to play.

To top all of this off they are holding a contest that ends on December 2nd and the Grand Prize is quite literally every single game on Steam. All of them. I cannot wait to see the Reddit post of all of the screenshots.


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