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This 8-Bit Life | September 30, 2016

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Two Very Awesome DeLorean Models That Actually Work - This 8-Bit Life

Leland Flynn

I’ve been on a nostalgia tear recently and of course, being an 80’s/90’s kid I eventually got around to googling for fun Back to the Future stuff. Well it seems that I hit the jackpot. I found not one but two awesome videos of DeLorean MK II time machines that actually function! One is simply an RC car while the other is a quadrocopter! These have got to be two of the best things that anyone has ever put on the Internet. Period.

The first build is a homemade RC car model that is built from a Diamond Select 1:15 scale replica of the Mark II time machine from the second film. The chassis is built from a popular chassis made by a company called Carisma. As you can see the model cum remote control car can’t quite reach 88 MPH which I assume is the reason it is not a fully functional time machine. Still Pretty awesome though! Check out the video below!


The second build that I found is entirely DIY. From what I can tell it was built by a user of the Russian hobbyist forum called Native18. He has a somewhat detailed build log where he discuss his process but Google Translate can only do so much and a lot of it was hard to understand. I was able to tell from some of the images that he posted that he built the body out of a thin and pliable foam and the rest is just your standard quadrocopter body. The DeLorean flies quite well for its shape and even has some nice lighting to simulate the afterburn from the turbines of the modified flying DeLorean from the second film.

If you liked these or you have other neat DeLorean stuff to share be sure to leave us a comment down below!

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