Benefits of Using Rockwool Insulation for Roofs

Roof insulation is a great way of protecting the roofs and optimising the house temperature. However, there are hundreds of options available in the market, but rockwool insulation is the best choice. This is because rockwool insulation provides effective acoustics properties and thermal performance. There are various other benefits of using rockwool insulation for roofs.

High-End Construction

Rockwool insulation is made from recycled steel slag and basalt rock, which makes it a high-end and sustainable choice. The best thing about these materials is that they are readily available, which makes them an affordable choice and far more durable. In addition, you won’t have to worry about dust and irritation.

High R-Value

When it comes down to roof insulation, rockwool versus fibreglass insulation is the common comparison. The fibreglass insulation has R19 R-value for 3.5-inches thick insulation, but rockwool insulation promises a high R-value of R23, which makes it easier to install. Although it’s a great benefit for an insulation company, homeowners won’t have to worry about never-ending construction work either. Consequently, it will be extremely convenient to cut out the rockwool and wedge it in for a straightforward and tight fitting.

Moisture and Fire Resistant

The rockwool insulation promises higher resistance to water, and it won’t absorb water or moisture as compared to other insulation options. As a result, the home will be dryer, and the construction material won’t degrade. All of this translates into a dry roof and reliable structural integrity. Moreover, it’s also a fire-resistant option, promising a great sense of peace and safety.

Resistance to Bacterial and Mould Growth

Rockwool roof insulation (known as ฉนวนหลังคา rockwool in Thai)is one of the best choices for people looking for a long-life option. This is because it resists bacterial and mould growth with its drying properties. In addition, it resists mildew growth and rotting, which helps ensure the structural integrity of the home while ensuring a safe and healthy living environment.

Easy to Cut

An additional benefit of using rockwool insulation is that it’s easy to cut because all you need is a bread knife. In addition to easy cutting, rockwool insulation can be cut into pieces without compromising on precision. This means that you will be able to cut the insulation for wall features as well as electrical boxes.

Dense Material

Rockwool is a dense insulation option, which reduces the sound transmission as well as airflow. This high airflow resistivity promises a quiet environment.

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