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Dental Restoration Failures: Why They Happen and How to Fix

Ultimately, any dental restoration is intended to restore function while improving the appearance of your tooth. Nevertheless, even with the strides that have been made in dental technology and materials, at times, restorations do fail as described by the dentist in Southfield. By understanding more about what causes these failures and the possible remedies, you can keep your teeth in top shape and ensure that your restorations last as long as possible.

Common Causes of Dental Restoration Failure

Substandard Materials

  • Reason: Poor quality of materials while constructing the restoration would lead to fast wear or low bonding with the tooth.
  • Solution: Speak with your dentist about material options and only choose high-quality, durable materials that are appropriate for your dental situation.

Bite Problems

  • Cause: Misalignment or incorrect bite moves undue pressure to restorations where they may result in fractures, chips, and loosening.
  • Occlusal Adjustments: To solve bite problems, orthodontia can be done to clear gaps or make occlusal adjustments to distribute biting forces more evenly.

Local Tooth Structure Decay or Damage

  • Cause: Decay at a new spot around the contributed tooth can divert from the reclamation, making it a bomb.
  • How to fix: Regular dental check-ups and follow-ups to allow early detection of decay, and re-treatment if necessary Fluoride treatments and sealants can be used as a preventive measure

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

  • Source: Restorations break or wear down due to excessive force from grinding (chewing) over time.
  • Night guard: Protect your teeth from grinding by using a night guard. Get treatment for any stress and anxiety, which can cause you to grind your teeth, by learning relaxation techniques or seeing a counselor

Trauma or Injury

  • Accidentally damaging a dental restoration: Dental restorations such as veneers and crowns can be damaged by trauma during sports, falls, or any other issues, hence is one of the main causes that make some you search for new teeth in a day.
  • Solution: We recommend you wear a mouthguard any time you are physically active, as accidents do happen. If any injury should occur to your teeth, see a dentist as soon as possible for an evaluation of the damage and prompt care.

Dental restoration problems can be irritating, however recognizing them and how they will arise can help you tackle the reasons for these kinds of dental issues independently. Good oral hygiene, treating underlying problems, and getting prompt dental treatment can help keep your dental restorations healthy for a lifetime. And, the better you are at communicating with your dentist and following preventive care measures the easier it will be to let that smile out.

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