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Five Cosmetic Procedures You Can Consider Getting When Visiting Thailand

Many people visit Thailand to enjoy the tropical location, beautiful beaches and people, and deliciously spicy food, but some people travel to Thailand to see a doctor. An increasing number of people are looking to become medical tourists and head to Thailand to receive top-quality care at an affordable price. From having a facelift in Thailand to whitening your teeth, there are many procedures you can have that are significantly cheaper than in other countries. Below are some of the most common treatments you can consider when visiting Thailand.


There are some excellent cosmetic surgeons in Thailand, and the country boasts some of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons, making it an ideal choice when you want nose surgery. Many clinics and hospitals are offering this treatment throughout Bangkok, so it will be simple to find one suitable for the surgery you want.

Laser Eye Surgery

Thailand is also a popular option for many people seeking corrective eye surgery, so they no longer need to wear prescription lenses. It is now possible to treat various eye conditions and degradation using corrective laser surgery that can restore your vision and remove the need for prescription lenses or contact lenses.

Dental Implants

Dental surgery can be expensive, especially when needing something like dental implants. However, dental implants in Thailand are significantly cheaper than in western countries, so you may wish to consider this treatment when visiting the Land of Smiles. There are many excellent dental clinics thought Bangkok that can do an excellent job on your implants, and they also offer many other services, including teeth whitening.

Breast Augmentation

Many people visit Thailand to have breast augmentation at a highly affordable price, and this is a common procedure in many clinics and hospitals throughout Bangkok. The cosmetic procedure is competitively priced in Thailand, and many options are available for types and sizes of implants. Whatever your perfect breast size is, a highly skilled Bangkok surgeon can help you realise your dream breast size.

Mole Removal

When you have moles on your body that you want to remove for cosmetic reasons or medical ones, this is another common procedure you can have done efficiently and affordably in Bangkok. Depending on the size of the mole and how busy the clinic or hospital you visit is, you may be lucky and have then do it there and then, using a local anaesthetic.

These are five of the most common cosmetic procedures you can have while in Bangkok as a tourist, but there are plenty more besides these listed above. Do your research and find the best hospital or clinic for your treatment, and you can get it at a highly affordable price.

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