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Learning Massage Techniques On Holiday In Thailand

If you are a lover of massages, then Thailand is an excellent holiday destination for you to experience. You can enjoy plenty of massages and other treatments while you relax in a tropical paradise. You can also learn different massage techniques yourself or get your partner to learn so they can give you plenty of massages when you get home. Bangkok is one of the best places to learn, and below are some of the various massage techniques you can learn while on holiday in Thailand.

Learning To Massage In Bangkok

One of the best places to learn massage techniques in Thailand is Wat Phra Chetuphon, also known as Wat Po. It is one of the largest temples in Bangkok, and the monks at this temple run massage schools, teaching you everything you need to know. The massage school is now located just outside of the temple, so it is easy to find. The monks can tell you where you can buy Thai body oils you can take home so you can enjoy an authentic experience. Some of the different massages you can learn here are as follows.

Traditional Thai Massage

It may take you a long time to master but you can learn all the basics of authentic Thai massage at one of the many courses Wat Po holds. You can learn the pressure points and techniques to release tension that will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed.

A Thai Foot Massage

Another type of massage that is extremely popular with locals and tourists in Thailand is a foot massage. A Thai foot massage uses pressure points on the soles of the feet, which are said to be linked to various parts of the body. You can learn how to access these pressure points and invoke a sense of well-being in the person you are massaging. There is nothing better than a long day on your feet and then enjoying a relaxing foot massage to help you unwind.

An Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Aromatherapy is also highly popular in Thailand, and they combine essential oils with massage to leave you feeling fantastic. They will teach you the correct aromatic oils to use for the massage and let you know where you can purchase them. They will also show you the massage techniques to work the oil into the body that will leave the person receiving the massage feeling in a state of bliss.

There are plenty of other massages you can learn while you are in Thailand. Select ones you think you will enjoy and that you can practice when you are at home, and you may find yourself a new hobby or a way of earning some extra money.

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