Married Couples – Do You Have an Extramarital Relationship?

Many people find themselves in relationships with married men and married women. This is not uncommon; in fact, nearly half the marriages in the United States end in divorce. While it is true that there are many cases of extramarital affairs in which one partner has been unfaithful, the overwhelming majority of relationships do survive this type of tension. However, these same people realize that they have a choice. They can stay married if they choose to do so or they can seek out other relationships. Many reasons account for why married couples enter into these different types of relationships.

One of the most common reasons why married couples seek each other’s relationships is that they want companionship. People who are married find that they can share their life together and that it is less likely that they will stray. When a couple is together, there is less risk of them straying as friends, as well as the guilt that they would experience if they cheated on their spouse. Many people who are married also find that they share much in common. This sharing of common interests and hobbies keeps the marriage alive and growing, and often it is these things that keep the married couple together.

Many married couples enjoy sex a great deal, even while some have medical help from specialists like to avoid dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction. This often has something to do with their relationship and they may find that they stay together because of this enjoyment. As mentioned above, many people who are married are willing to remain married if they are happy with the relationship they have. Therefore, extramarital affairs of married couples are usually those that occur when the relationship is unhappy.

Many married couples have children. Whether the children are born before or after the marriage, the parents usually stay together for financial reasons or because they want to. In either case, the relationship between the mother and father usually does not suffer. The married couples still spend time together and they feed and care for each other. Unfortunately, extramarital affairs of married couples often occur when the relationship between the mother and father sours and the cheating begins.

Sometimes the cheating spouse is the only one who knows about the affair. This does not mean that the other married partner had no knowledge of the infidelity. Extramarital affairs of married couples are usually discussed between the people who know them well. People like to tell the truth, and when they feel there is some danger to their relationship, they will usually be honest. Therefore, extramarital affairs of married couples are very common, but they do not really pose a huge problem for the married couple as long as they are not related or live together.

Extramarital affairs of married couples are sometimes caused by jealousy. In one of my articles I touched on this issue briefly. Jealousy occurs when one person feels they are not being taken advantage of. When you work in a team environment where trust is the key, jealousy can become a real problem. One of the best tips you can take with you on your journey towards healing is to understand jealousy by talking with people who have it. The more you understand it, the easier it will be for you to heal.

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