Sometimes We Need To Accept That Retirement Is On Its Way.

Many of us have been working most of our lives and we have become used to having something to do every day and the responsibilities that go with it. For many, the opportunity to retire is something that they have been working towards for the past 30 to 40 years. For others, it is a day that they want to put off and when it finally arrives, it is not the situation that they can deal with easily. If you are involved in the civil service work and you are one of the many first responders, then retirement age is forced upon you whether you’re ready or not. Many first responders feel that they have a lot more to offer, and even if they are not as strong physically as they used to be, the mental capacity is still there and they feel that they can still contribute.

Unfortunately, you have to accept the federal firefighter retirement date that is assigned to you, and there is no negotiating. There are a number of reasons why they have this retirement age in place and in their minds, it is the right decision. However, individuals are different and while some should probably retire, there are others that have a lot more to offer. If you were to go into any firehouse, you would see that these firefighters are like family and they all take care of each other and look out for everyone’s best interests. You have been used to this your whole working life, and now someone is going to take it away. It can be a very difficult time indeed. Thankfully, there are service providers out there who understand exactly what you’re going through and they can provide you with some much-needed assistance.

  • Dealing with loneliness – As a firefighter, you have been surrounded by your fellow fighters for many years now and you know that they all have your back. Many of them have become close friends and you have worked with them, sat with them and eaten with them almost every day for the past 35 years. It makes sense, then, that when you’re asked to retire and give up all of this, that you’re going to find it extremely difficult. It’s important that you have someone to turn to in order to talk things out, and talking with your spouse just isn’t the same as talking to someone who has experience of the career that you have chosen.
  • Dealing with marriage – You have always had somewhere to go during the day or at night, if that was when you shift was, and now you’re going to be at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that can take its toll on your marriage. Your spouse is not used to having you around all the time and you are not used to being around them. It’s important to have somewhere to go to give both yourself and your spouse a break, and thankfully there are first responder retirement service providers that can offer you with a place to go.

Retirement is coming whether you are ready or not, so it’s best that you accept the inevitable and if you find it difficult to deal with, then reach out to the various service providers that are there for you.

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