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Benefits of Using a Night Guard in Brookhaven, GA

Mouth guards are covers that are placed over teeth. They are frequently used during sports and to shield teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding. You may be advised to use a mouthguard by a dentist in Brookhaven, GA if you have a jaw issue, snore, or suffer from sleep apnea which is a disorder that causes breathing pauses during sleep. 

Advantages of a Night Guard

Night Guard is a relief for many patients who face dental problems and may suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. Regular use of your night guard will start to provide you with the following advantages:

  1. Prevents damage to teeth

Your molars won’t wear down if you wear a sleep guard. You may avoid dental problems like worn enamel, tooth sensitivity, cracked teeth, or damaged dental work brought on by bruxism by cushioning your teeth. Your dentist can undo the harm caused by prior teeth grinding once you acquire a sleep guard and commit to using it every night. To address your grinding-related tooth problems, you could require a variety of restorative dentistry procedures. These procedures may include a crown which might be necessary to cover the teeth that have extremely small fissures in them.

  1. Assists in Mitigating Morning Headaches

    When you grind your teeth, your jaw clenches, which causes headaches in the morning. Your jaw and temple muscles flex less when you wear a sleep guard. Your muscles don’t stay strained all night long by reducing the tension. Your jaw will be more at ease when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Eases Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Tooth grinding can result in a condition known as temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disease, which affects your jaw. When you open or close your mouth, this issue may make your jaw feel locked or trapped. You could also have facial discomfort and hear a clicking sound when you open your lips. A night guard is one therapy for TMJ disease, particularly if bruxism is the source of the problem. A sleep guard can lessen the symptoms of TMJ condition or help you prevent it from occurring in the first place by stopping you from grinding your teeth.

To sum up, mouthguards are beneficial for you if you use them persistently and as advised by your dentist. It is important to understand the benefits it has so that you may prevent future damage to the oral cavity.


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