A Guide to Swimming Pool Compliance in NSW

If you are planning to add a luxury pool to your home, swimming pool compliance is something you will encounter, regardless of where in Australia you live and in this short article, we will detail the requirements for pool compliance in NSW.

Pool Fencing & Gating

The pool fencing needs to be of a height according to the size of the pool and it must be in good order, with no gaps wider than 100mm (no horizontal gaps) including the gap at the bottom of the fencing. The pool gate must be self-closing with a latch at least 1500mm from the ground and there must be no obstructions to the closing mechanism of the gate, which must be outward opening. Hinges must be capped to render them useless as a climbing aid and with pool certification in Kings Langley, the inspector will check the fencing and gate to ensure compliance.

Inside the Pool Enclosure

There can be no outdoor furniture inside the pool area, no BBQ or other apparatus or equipment; the only items allowed in the pool enclosure are:

  • Pool filtration equipment
  • Pool cleaning items
  • Permanent slide or board

There must a CPR board inside the pool area, which should be clearly visible from all parts of the enclosure. This instructs people how to perform CPR on a drowning person and it must be in place on the day of the pool inspection.

No-Climb Zone

Around the perimeter of the pool fencing, there can be no objects (natural or man-made) within 1200mm of the fencing. Trees, shrubs, furniture need to be removed if they are within this area, there must be nothing that might aid a child in trying to climb the pool fencing (pets too). By removing any possible climbing aids, you are reducing the risk of an accident; indeed, if there ever was an accident at your pool, non-compliance could have serious consequences.

Online Solutions

When you are confident that your pool complies with the State requirements, search with Google for a ‘pool certification company near me’ and this will bring you a list of state-approved pool certification company and you can book a pool inspection.

On the morning of the inspection, take the time to walk around and ensure that everything is as it should be and before long, you will be issued with a pool compliance certificate. In the event your pool does not meet the standards, the inspector will issue you with a non-compliance notice and you have 90 days to carry out the recommended changes and both compliance and non-compliance are transferrable with the property.

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