Are You Nervous About Starting MMA? Don’t Be!

Mixed martial arts (MMA) combines various disciplines such as boxing, jujitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, and karate. You may have grown up idolising the MMA contenders or more recently stumbled upon MMA for weight loss. Whatever reason it interests you, MMA is a full-body and comprehensive sport that is good for you. MMA enhances your physical and mental health. You will get back to feeling and looking your best.

MMA Is for Everyone

As the days, months, and years pass, you may feel like MMA is not for you. You may think that it is too hard, or too involved when you are out of shape. MMA is for everyone of all ages, shapes, and sizes. MMA is a diversified sport. It incorporates techniques from various other disciplines so you will be able to find something that suits your needs.

If you are just getting back into the gym, trainers would not suggest you overwork yourself doing complex moves. They will gradually ease you into different techniques and help you perfect them. Trainers want you to feel supported and safe in your training. They will ensure that you are physically prepared before advancing.

You Do Not Have to Compete

If you are looking to study MMA in Bangkok, you can easily attend a gym or class with an instructor. You may want to train to lose weight, improve your physical health, make friends, or feel part of a community, but not compete. You do not have to compete when you study MMA. It is not a requirement of most MMA gyms to compete. You can simply study and train.

You are not expected to be perfect or experienced at MMA when you join. If you were already trained, you would not need beginner classes or an introduction to the sport. Everyone was new to MMA at one point in time. Some people may have started earlier in life, while others may have started later in life. Everyone’s journey is different. Yours will be different and unique to your physical needs.

Gain Real-Life Defence

As stated previously, MMA is a combination of different combat sports and martial arts. Unlike single disciplinaries, MMA prepares you for more realistic experiences. For example, if you were approached on the street, you would be able to defend yourself standing and on the ground. In boxing, fighters are standing while in wrestling, fighters manoeuvre on the ground. MMA combines both as well as many other martial art forms such as karate and Muay Thai. You will be able to defend yourself in more realistic situations.


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